Dichterbij jezelf komen
is een beweging

Welcome at Gestaltpraktijk Amsterdam – 06 1293 0124

For gestalt therapy and body oriented trauma therapy

Gestalt therapy is a therapy to which experience and contact are central. As you can only experience in the here and now, we will focus on the present. That enables you to get into contact with your emotions. I will focuse on self support and making choices that are more in line with who you are.

The body oriented trauma therapy is focusing on ‘frozen energy’ inside your body that is a result of events that were overwhelming. It is a soft approach, that uses focus and felt sense as the entrance to the body. Following bit by bit what the body needs to unload (fight and flight respons) is a healing process for body and mind.
Both therapies are for everyone who wants to work at personal growth, for men and women, for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for young and old and for people born here and elsewhere. The choice for therapy is a choice to invest in yourself.

Some possible themes:

  • not knowing what you want
  • stress and burn-out
  • sexual violence
  • traumatic events
  • sexual identity
  • coming out
  • discrimination
  • depression and loneliness
  • anger and agony
  • difficulty with making choices
  • relation- or work problems
  • unresolved mourning

My background as Gestalt Therapist and Trauma Therapist

My name is Madeleine Maurick (1954). I have been trained in social work, political science, gestalt therapy and trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing). My interest has always been divided into two: the psychological process (what stimulates and frustrates people) and the international political process, in particular human rights, gay rights and trauma relief in Africa.
If you would like to have an intake to discuss the possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am not a native speaker, but I am quite comfortable speaking English.

Practical info

Gestaltpraktijk Amsterdam
per 1st of September 2020: Brouwersgracht 675 (instead of Lijnbaansgracht 67)
1015 GJ Amsterdam
Email: info@gestaltpraktijkamsterdam.nl
Phone: 06 1293 0124

A session is 1 hour and costs € 90. You can check at your own health insurance for possibilities of refunding part of the costs. Most insurances do refund Gestalt Therapy under ‘Alternative Health’.